Backdrop Hire

We offer a range of painted backdrops, off the shelf, in a multiple of sizes from 8’x8’ to 20’x10’.

Regardless of size our backdrops are £150+vat for a 3 day hire. If required for a longer period please inform us and we can discuss longer period rental prices.

Our backdrops are pre-rolled on a cardboard tube and ready to thread over a standard sized scaffolding tube.

On return, we ask you to carefully re-roll the backdrops on the same tube to return crease-free.


We can arrange installation of your hired backdrop or supply flats to hang the backdrop over.

We do recommend that you have a steamer to hand when shooting to iron out any unwanted creases.

Fair use

We ask that you are considerate with the backdrops and take necessary precautions to preserve their useful lives. No staples or sharp objects can be used in conjunction with them.

Any holes, tears or burns will incur a £50 charge. Large tears will be charged at £300 as the backdrop will no longer be useful. Please do inform us if any damage is caused.


We can help with transport if required but this will often be with an external courier service.

Our Backdrops




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