Our backdrops are hemmed and on an 11’ long cardboard tube. They are lightweight and ready to thread over a standard sized scaffolding tube, of which we can supply at no extra cost (depending on delivery arrangements).

We can also arrange installation of your hired background and supply flats if you need a solid surface behind the background.

We do recommend that you have a steamer to hand when shooting to iron out any unwanted creases.

Fees at a glance:

Large Backdrop hire: £150 +VAT
Transport: £60 +VAT one-way.
Transport: £100 +VAT two-ways.
Minor hole: £50 +VAT
Major tear: £300 +VAT

Contacting us:

To rent a backdrop or if you have any other queries about them please contact us via the contact form and one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, give us a call and we can answer any queries you may have.


We are happy for you to arrange pickup from our workshop in Croydon, or we can take the hassle out of this for you and drop off/pick up your hired backdrop. We offer London transporting @ £60 +VAT one way or £100 +VAT for drop off and pick up. Please ask for a quote for delivery further afield.

Wear and tear:

At Perspective we understand that on a manic set things can easily be damaged. We’ve all been there! Therefore we implement a fair use policy. We just ask that you are considerate with the backdrops and take precautions to preserve their hire lives. All our backdrops are hemmed to stop fraying at the edges, but we do ask that no staples or sharp objects are used in conjunction with them. Feel free to make creases or folds for your artistic vision. However, any holes, tears, burns will regrettably be charged for @ £50. Large tears will be charged @ £300 as the backdrop will no longer be useful. Please do inform us if any damage is caused.


Our canvases are packaged in waterproof plastic and thats how we’d also like them back. We find it easiest to roll them back up on a flat clean floor or on a scaffold pole avoiding major creases and wonky rolling!